This is the last post from the old blog site…Some have found it useful so I moved it across.

Years ago I discovered the power of body chemistry and it’s impact on not only my energy levels but my mental attitude. There is tons of science on the topic and each person’s physiological chemistry is slightly different, but the bottom line is always the same: What to be at the top of your game professionally? You have to have energy and enthusiasm. In order to be at your best, physically and mentally you need energy and vitality. You have to develop what I call, Mastery of Self-Health and there are 3 key components;

1. Diet – It really is true, you are what you it. If you want my personal strategy, feel free to ask but the rule is simple…eat what energizes you! If you eat crap, typically you will feel like crap. I cannot overstate how important water is as well. 80% of the body is water and for some, like me, dehydration can happen quickly even in cold climates. Dehydration will affect your concentration and thinking process. Plus water helps to flush the garbage from your system.

2. Rest – Most people do not know how to regulate their sleep so that they feel the best. I’m up by 4:00 am most mornings and that’s where I feel best. Here is a good article from MSN this morning on sleep:

3. Exercise– Most people exercise to “get into shape” or lose weight…….instead of exercising to feel good. So they over do it, can’t move for a week and the habit doesn’t form. Or they do the same thing, day in and day out, until they get so bored they quit. Exercise is a mindset that should be woven into most of the things that you do. Again, I could probably write an entire book on just this topic.

As I said, I’m up by 4:00am most mornings…yes, weekends too and I now only drink one cup of coffee in the morning. I work on my business projects in the early morning, work about 10 hours a day with my company, come home spend time with my family, do some more writing/reading after my son goes to bed and sack out early by most standards. I have zero problems sleeping at night. And yes, I weave exercise, stretching and martial arts into all of that mix and have replaced water for the coffee I used to drink all day long. I’ve lost about 10-15lbs. since Thanksgiving and I feel better than ever….

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