Here is another early post from the old site. I think it is particularly important as I see even seasoned professionals struggle with some of these intangible qualities. Take communication for example, one key component of communication skill is the ability to listen effectively, listen for understanding rather than just preparation to respond. Yet, how many professionals have had much training on effective listening? Most college communication courses are either speaking, writing or debating….with little emphasis on listening.  Most customer service feedback conversations, sales presentations, employee performance reviews, etc. are not much more than rehearsed speeches and stock questions to get the event over as quickly as possible and everyone back into their comfort zones.

Those that commit to continuously developing these skills as well as all of those I call the inner-most circle of professional mastery will take the competitive lead in this next decade.

This was taken directly for the National Association of Colleges and Employers website. Notice that they are all intangible character traits…..As a person who has interviewed thousands of people over the years, I can say that these are also what I look for in a perspective new employee.
What are the top personal qualities employers look for in college graduates?
The top 5 personal qualities/skills employers seek, according to NACE’s Job Outlook 2009 survey are:

1.Communication skills (verbal and written)
2.Strong work ethic
3.Teamwork skills (works well with others)
5.Analytical skills

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