The title was a quote from the Walt Disney movie, “Iron Will”. It’s a fun family movie based on a true story where a teenage boy through belief, principles and some self-mastery overcomes incredible adversity to win one of the toughest dog sled races in the world, save the family farm and become a local hero. Actually, I think I get more pumped up about watching the movie than my son does.

So do you want to run longer, sleep less at work and business? That requires sustained energy…that requires some mastery of self-health. To do all that, you must move yourself past the traditional mindset that most people have and that is exercise to lose weight or to ‘get into shape’. Those are both byproducts that will happen naturally when you begin to have some mastery of self-health. The challenge of it is to reinvent that lifestyle regularly to keep it fresh and your enthusiasm high. That’s what separates those who keep up a fit, high energy lifestyle and those who don’t. Most people over train at some level & quit or don’t see results fast enough & quit. Focus on exercising just to feel good, have some stress release and increase your metabolism. Here is a quick MSN video on some health specifics. It’s kind of corny, but the formula is simple and does work if you stick to it. There are 4 essentials to it:

1. Resistence training – The phrase “bulk up” deters some people and is a bit inaccurate. It’s developing muscle and strength. If done right, you don’t really bulk up. In fact, you can drop a few pant sizes.

2. Cardio – Of some kind. Get the heart pumping, break a sweat, increase breathing capacity and oxygen to the brain.

3. Eat small, eat often – This is huge! Most people starve all day to lose weight, then stuff themselves at night or at the happy hours. I know, I’ve done it and gained 40 lbs. over night. My energy level also went out the window. I now bring a small cooler to work with the proper foods and take it with me in the car on sales calls, meetings, etc. It keeps me away from the fast food urges and from over eating at company functions. And yes…booze is the worst.

4. Let your body do the work – If you stick to this exact formula, it really works. Your metabolism and energy levels will go up, your pant size will go down.

Here is the link to the video….Become a Black Belt in Business and Run longer, sleep less!^cp_en-us_health_weight-loss&fg=MSNlifestyles_HF_Hub_CustomPlayer

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