It seems almost self-evident when you think about it, doesn’t it? Yet how many people leave school, join the work force and set off to find their career successes, their place in the economic world. Then, as those career and family demands mount, they forego thoughts of their own health both physical and mental. They wake up one day, somewhere in their 40’s and realize that they are 20-30lbs overweight. They feel tired, run down more often than not and the doc is telling them that they have a host of stress related issues….know anyone like that?

Still not convinced? Here is an unfortunate reality check…..In the last two years, I’ve personally know three people who died suddenly and unexpectedly to health related issues. Their age ranges were 35-55…..two worked with me in the auto industry, were there on Friday and were gone when I came back on Monday. It’s easy to ignore the volumes of science and data on the subject, but impossible when it’s the friends and family around you who are affected.

Rising to the top, becoming a millionaire, investing decades in your career….how will you enjoy the fruits of your labor if you don’t survive in the process? Will it be worth not seeing your kids grow up? Even if you do, will it be worth the decades of health issues to follow because you did not invest in yourself today?

The solution? Start now! It does not matter what level of physical or mental health you are currently at, mastery means keep moving forward, keep getting better. Want more energy? To lose weight? Reduce the work stress? Been putting off learning that physical activity? Quit smoking? Perhaps you’ve pursued health mastery and just slipped off course, everyone needs a reminder from time to time of things they already know.  There is no greater business investment you can make than into your physical and mental health. The choice is yours, either way you are making it.

This section is dedicated to those investments and you achieving that Black Belt Business excellence with vitality and longevity.

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