Here is another article giving some specifics for maximizing energy levels and metabolic rate, with some caveats of my own;

  1. The key word of the first tip is a “good” breakfast. The Mc D drive through is not really what they have in mind. Your body will tell you which foods leave you feeling good in the morning if you listen. Typically, it’s better to get the majority of your carbs in the morning so you can burn it off throughout the day.
  2. It’s not the cup of joe that’s the trouble maker, it’s all the stuff you put in it. Creamers and sweeteners are all empty calories. It was tough for me to get into plain coffee but I actually prefer it now. The other thing is when you become the coffee guzzler, there is a lot of truth in the old saying ‘too much of a good thing’.
  3. 16oz of chilled water first thing in the morning makes a huge difference, it gets the hydration and the metabolism going.

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