“Don’t tell me how good you are, show me.”

That was the firm but fair mantra of a man who tried to impress upon me, at age 16, that mastery was something that extended well beyond martial arts. He was a man who saw more in me than I did in myself and refused to ever let me take the low road.  A man who I would not fully appreciate, admire and respect until later in life. Yet today, I would put him into the Top 10 most influential people in my life and I have found myself repeating that mantra to students, employees and my son many times.

That man was H. Warren King. I am very grateful for the lessons he passed on to me and although I never became a professional photographer, his teachings have had some lasting impacts on me; A sharp eye, an open mind to creativity and a lifelong love of Photography. I still remember, 25 years later….

“Every photograph should do three things”

  •       Tell a story
  •       Set a mood
  •       Show a design

Here are a few links to his story and his legacy for those who may not know him and my old Reseda High friends



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