The is a great book for anyone who wants to get better whether it be at business, martial arts, sports or any other skill. He takes principles from the martial art Aikido and Zen philosophy and puts them into todays terms and gives you five basic keys to developing mastery in any endeavor. It’s a short book and a very easy read. Here is a small excerpt;

My experience as an instructor has shown me, for one thing, that the most talented students don’t necessarily make the best martial artists. Sometimes, strangely enough, those with exceptional talent have trouble staying on the path to mastery. In 1987, my colleagues at Esquire and I conducted a series of interviews with athletes known as masters of their sports, which tended to confirm this paradoxical finding. Most athletes we interviewed stressed hard work and experience over raw talent. “I have seen so many baseball players with God-given ability who just didn’t want to work,” Rod Carew said. “They were soon gone. I’ve seen others with no ability to speak of who stayed in the big leagues for fourteen years.”

George Leonard is also the author of, The Way Of Aikido

My thanks to John Eckermann for introducing this book to me several years agoΩ

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