Coach John Wooden, 10 time championship winner of the UCLA Bruins used to teach; “It’s what you learn after you know it all that really counts.” and his other famous mantra, “Practice, practice, practice”.

Famous entrepreneur and author, Chet Holmes in his book; “The Ultimate Sales Machine” talks about success in sales resulting from not 4,000 things done 12 times but 12 things done 4,000 times.

Professional business coach, Brian Tracy, talks in several of his books about the fact that ‘success leaves clues’.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that for every action you take, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Keep taking the same actions, get the same results over and over.

Author Daniel Pink, in his book “DRIVE, The suprising truth about what motivates us”, gives scientific evidence that the desire for mastery is an innate human quality and that moving towards it requires “purposeful practice”. That is to say, practice with a specific direction and the compounding of challenge level for that practice.

When I’m out teaching sales and marketing I sometimes hear, “Yea, I know that stuff” or “I’ve heard all that before” or even from the so-called seasoned executives, “We were doing that 20 years ago before the guy wrote about it.” It often reminds me of the words of sales king, Jeffrey Gitomer, “That’s the great thing about sales people, they already know it all, about everything.” I usually respond with a powerful question Jeffrey poses in his training: “Great! How often are you doing it?” “How often do you practice it, with challenging purpose?”

Are you the person who has heard it all before? Or do you look in the mirror each day and ask, “how often do I execute, practice, take action, etc?”

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