Here is a good MSN article that talks first about a book worth reading “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman and then 11 traits that I would place in the circle of self-mastery.

As self-mastery develops, so does external mastery. New skills, opportunities, people and environments begin to be pulled into you seemingly like gravity pulling objects through the atmosphere. When the momentum of that pursuit of inner excellence stops, however, it’s as if the Earth itself were to stop spinning.

I hate to keep on the ‘beat Tiger Woods bandwagon’ but he serves as a real example of what can happen when someone loses focus on self-development. He had to have developed incredible personal discipline to become the golfer that he is, whether self-cultivated or by his father. It got lost, unfortunately, somewhere along the way and a lack of personal control began to show itself in a couple of areas. First was the outbursts and the ‘ungolflike’ conduct that would occur on the course. Second is the current issues with his extra-marital activities.

Just something to consider for another time, but for now, enjoy the article;

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