“People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”  -Theodore Roosevelt

 Consider for a moment some of the most critical business skills; Customer service, sales, marketing and employee development. Naturally there are other important business skills, product development, etc. but these four are universal to every business and they all have a common denominator. All four of these skills develop around a single core, that core is people and relationships. Modern business likes to focus on systems and process, which are vital to the success of an organization, but it is not process that drives people. People drive the process and the systems. People and relationships are driven by principles. Here are a few;

Most of these principles are just good manners, in fact you probably remember many of these as ‘tenets’ from your childhood karate class. The question isn’t whether or not you have seen these before. The real question is how often have you put them into practice? How do you apply them to your professional interactions? To developing your people and relationships skills? Good manners never go out of style, in fact they help build great teams and bring new business opportunities.


Courtesy: The “golden rule”, treat others as you would like to be treated regardless of stature or position.

Integrity: Honesty should be a given, sadly it often seems to be in short supply. Personal responsibility, loyalty and sincerity are at the heart of character. Competency along with character are the foundation of trustworthiness.

Perseverance: Like cultivating a garden all good relationships are built on hard work and sacrifice. No quitting!

Self-control: Manage yourself so others won’t have to. People will respect you for it.

Indomitable Spirit: Stay the course, society  today often treats everything as ‘disposable’ including people and relationships. Avoid being tempted by the next best thing.

Humility: Get over your business card, the minute you start to believe that you are bigger than it all, you’re in trouble. Confidence and humility are not mutually exclusive.

Gratitude: Saying thank you, showing appreciation to people for their efforts never goes out of style and it always comes back to you.

Belief: Believe in something, otherwise you will fall for anything. In tough times people will show their true selves.

Purpose: Is that internal fire that allows you to pick others up when they need you and to pick yourself up so others don’t have to. In one sentence, how would you define your purpose?

Passion: Because nothing great was ever achieved without passion and people rally around passion.

2 thoughts on “10 Principles Of People And Relationships

  1. Great post Bryan. This will be good to keep in my desk and review on occasion to keep me fresh. It reminds me of a very simple business model that I will never forget; “Take care of your customers and employes, growth and profits will follow”


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