Socrates was fabled to have said, “An unexamined life, is not worth living” and while his statement may or may not be a bit melodramatic, an examined life is certainly much more interesting. And if you commit to examining life or, “Lifelong learning” as is the buzz phrase today, you will eventually come across some discovery that can reshape how you look at the world around you. Such was the case for myself with the book Outliers; The Story Of Success, by Malcolm Gladwell.

The original appeal of the book was that it provided yet more evidence to the power of the concept of Mastery and it’s role with success and business. Having listened to it as an audio book the first time, there were tons of new questions raised as it should be with a quality work and I found myself listening to it again in greater detail. In the process, a personal outlier story came to the surface.

Since what emerged became a bit longer than planned, as stories often do, a separate file is attached to include it. Enjoy and go add Outliers to your library or Ipod, it’s good stuff.

“He Got Lucky”, A personal Outlier story

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