One of the most difficult transitions a professional can make is from the one-person army to that of the manager, leader or coach. Many highly talented new managers often fail because they cannot bridge the gap between their experience and ability to do it all, to building a well-trained and motivated team that can act with synergy and gets the results. Additionally, as the leadership role increases the distance both away from and across the expanse of the entire team being led also increases. The direct report team becomes the real driving force of the overall culture and ultimately the success or demise of  the team as a whole. Here are five key challenges to consider when developing that “A Team”:

1.Recruiting & Promotion: Character and behavior vs. Experience and resume

2.”Superstar” Syndrome

3.Look for and cultivate personal greatness from each team member

4.Constantly develop your bench

5. Be Captain Kirk

Defining what each one of these considerations mean will be for the next few posts. For now, consider the following questions; How would you evaluate your team strength today? Not performance, but strength as a team. Where does your team fit on the “A Team” scale?

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