Look for and cultivate personal greatness from each team member

Everyone has at least one area of natural greatness both personally and professionally, the challenging part for the leader/manager/coach is twofold;

First is discovering what that area of greatness is for each person on the team, including themselves and cultivating those strengths. Strategically putting each person in a role that will allow their greatness to maximize for themselves and the team is key. Typically that causes the team members weaknesses to become irrelevant, allowing them to strengthen those weak areas with less pressure. Balance is another key, if for example the entire team is great at selling they still may have other responsibilities to perform, there are always administrative tasks, follow up and operational aspects of the team business.  To use the baseball, sports analogy; The pitchers sole role is to pitch, but they may also be captain of the team. The pitcher, with the coach must work the balance of activity for those two roles. The pitcher must also run and condition with the rest of the team. The specialized role of standing on a mound and making use of one arm does not exclude the pitcher from the other rigors of team practice.

Second, it’s critical not to over tax that person solely on that one area. It’s not healthy for them or the team. Human beings instinctively crave new experiences and there may be untapped potential for greatness in other areas. That pitcher, again as the example, may have natural public speaking ability and make a great spokesperson for the entire team when needed. The periodic, “sharpening of the saw”, allows that team member to recharge the batteries, be more productive and often gain some new perspective.

Some people are content doing the same thing day in and out, for years but few people frown upon the occasional change of pace, the new challenge or interesting experience. Put your people in roles that maximize their greatest strengths, just don’t leave them to stagnate. A great manager/leader/coach stays involved and keeps challenging the team.

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