For the last couple of years The Hertz Corporation, the largest mobility solutions company in the world, has been embarking on an organizational evolution. This evolution is a program called, The Lighthouse Project.

 The Hertz vision for the future is giving the world the ability to “Journey On”, no matter what the course or the destination may be. The Lighthouse Project is the Hertz journey of discovery to find greatness around every corner of the organization. A journey that in essence steps outside of working in the business to create a formula for sustained excellence throughout and work on the business as a whole. With the shared strength of customers and employees alike, the vision is becoming a reality and an example for companies across the globe.

 Sounds great doesn’t it? Here is the kicker…..people, yes you are probably one of them too, resist and fight change with all of their might. Why? Well here are three realities about change;

  •  Change often requires developing new habits or modifying and eliminating old ones. Human beings are creatures of habit and routine, which by definition are very hard to break. So changing habits require a lot of hard work and often sacrifice. The return on that hard work isn’t always visible up front so people tend to base their decisions to change on results of the past. The focus is usually on the negative results of the past as well, after all, people like routine and its human nature to first find reasons not to break the current routine.
  •  As a result, change requires human beings to step outside of their comfort zones. The instinctive, animal nature of humans is to stick to comfort and avoid discomfort at all costs.
  •  Ultimately, change forces human beings to face that person in the mirror, often with brutal honesty. The biggest adversaries in business and life are typically in the mirror.  

It may be a corny movie scene, but here is a simple statement on the power of embracing change;

“Change is inevitable, professional excellence and personal satisfaction are pearls in the sea waiting to be found. Only by diving into new waters are the pearls uncovered.” -B Nann

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