Work, play, personal fitness and family….They all require a great deal of energy. Denying yourself some ‘eating for pleasure’ is probably unrealistic to sustain in the long-term, as is the “I’ll eat what I want” philosophy. Part of the Mastery of Self-Health concept is fine tuning, not your diet, but your eating lifestyle for maximum energy, balance and sustainability.

Diets themselves are often like some boot camp promising a miracle of sorts in just 12 weeks. The reality is that if you are out of shape or not feeling good about your health, you didn’t get there over night. You won’t transform over night either, it requires a change of mindset and a change of lifestyle to get there and stay there. If you are eating for max energy most of the time, there is some cheat room factored in. Once it becomes a lifestyle, your body will tell you when you’ve gone too far, you will feel it. Here is a good article about nutrition and balance from CNN;

Nine Nutrition Essentials for 2009

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