Science and medicine continue to give evidence to what martial arts, meditation and athletics have known for almost a dozen centuries. The human body is much more than a performance engine, the brain more than its computer cpu. Below is a recent article from NPR  on the effect that regular, meditative breathing can have on the body and in particular stress.

Stress can drain physical and mental energy quickly and impact reaction as well as decision-making. Life in the professional world can require a high level of sustained energy and learning to master your self-health can give you an incredible edge. Plus you’ll just feel better! Unfortunately, there is no mastery of health, or anything else for that matter, in 10 easy lessons. It requires taking many small steps, everyday, and building on that framework for pretty much the rest of your life. There is little instant gratification involved. Are you up for they challenge? Maybe you like being constantly stressed, tired, sick….etc, etc?

Try some regular, relaxed breathing…..your health insurance deductible may thank you.


It’s amazing what you can accomplish with just a little breathing.

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