Because the world is changing at an exponential pace and is not likely to slow down anytime soon, even in a challenged economy. History has shown that challenging times often bring unprecedented innovation and change as necessity becomes the mother of invention.

Professionals from all fields, from managers to teachers, politicians to CEOs must keep pace like never before or risk falling prey to the reality of Economic & Social Darwinism. Even parents must elevate their game in child development if the next generation is to compete. Dr. Steven Covey suggests that todays information has a current “shelf life” of about two years. In other words, most of what is learned today will be virtually obsolete by 2013.

Here is an interesting video that illustrates just a small portion of that rapid change.

NOTE: This post was published on January 12. The following day, MSN posted the article below from Career Builders about outdated job advice. Take a look;


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