“In my 20’s, like most people, I thought that I knew it all and had all of the answers. In my 30’s I paid for the arrogance and mistakes of my 20’s. Now at 40, I really can appreciate the wisdom and skills from two decades of experience. ” – BBB

If you are fresh out of school or new to the business world this quote may seem like more of your parents tired rhetoric about being young and inexperienced. Unfortunately, the history of mastery in any field corroborates the rantings of mom and dad. From the golf skills of Tiger Woods, to the fighting skills of Bruce Lee to the business skills of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, all began mastery after paying the price of time and experience. In his book, “OUTLIERS, The Story of Success”, Malcolm Gladwell calls this the 10,000 hour rule and that’s really just the beginning of mastery not the end.

The next ten years will prove to be an incredibly challenging and competitive global business world. Want to set yourself up to win? Spend less time Youtubing about your expert skills and more time mastering the fundamentals of business or your craft. Take these challenging ten years to rack up a score card of great results, under the toughest of conditions. At the end of the decade, when everyone else is still talking about how good they are, you can show it. Others will Youtube for you and about you.

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