People usually look at me like I am nuts when I tell them that I am up by 4:00am almost every morning followed by a slew of reasons to stay up late instead or the need for ‘beauty rest’, etc. The fact is that I typically do not short change myself on sleep and get 6 to 7 hours most nights. Working 55 to 65 hours a week, regular exercise and family demands make proper rest a must. Pushing your body further after a full 10-12(or more) hour day is like driving your car on fumes after the tank has hit empty; You will probably go a bit further, but everything will quickly come to a sudden stop…usually in the middle of an intersection! Plus you are doing damage to the machinery in the process.

Besides being fully rested and the batteries recharged, here are some other specific reasons why the early morning can be more productive than late nights:

  1. It’s quiet; The rest of the world is still asleep and there is little background noise which makes concentration easier.
  2. Your mind is clear; You don’t have all of the days activities and conversations swirling around in your mind.
  3. Less distraction; No phone calls, new emails or text messages coming at you. You also tend to leave the TV off if the rest of the family is still alseep.
  4. An empty gym; If you go to a gym and it’s open that early, it’s great! No crowds plus your muscles respond better to morning exercise.

Here is a good article from BNET about maximizing the early morning;

What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

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