Why do so many people rise to success, whatever the level, only to fall at sometimes meteoric pace? Tiger Woods, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, countless executives in business (now known as the Enron factor), politicians like Rod Blagojevich just to name a few. The answer is probably the most obviously secret in human excellence, they stopped working on themselves. People lose sight of the fact that it was their consistent dedication to self-mastery that got them there in the first place. When human beings see success of any kind as some sort of “pyramid model”, the sole focus becomes to reach that top point. The problem is…there is nowhere to go from there but down.

Self-Mastery is moving and revolving cycle….like gravity in space, when the motion stops everything flies apart.

Here is a great video on Vince Lombardi talking about many characteristics of what I call the inner circle of self-mastery. Enjoy…

2 thoughts on “Vince Lombardi on Self Mastery

  1. This is great! I’m going through a self transformation and its amazingly refreshing. I’m glad this is an aspect of self mastery. Thanks for this read!


    1. Leon, I’m very proud of what you are doing. Most people, myself included, wait until something drastic or tragic happens in life to realize that it all begins and continues for that matter, in the mirror.


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