Today I’m feelin a little feisty and decided to share one of my “trade secrets”, so here we go…

Over the last fifteen years or so I’ve had the privilege to have interviewed literally thousands of people in different roles. A stock question that I ask every time goes something like this;

“You find a genie in a bottle and the genie grants you one wish, to pick your dream job. What would it be and why?”

Well of course it is a trick question, right? It is, but it isn’t and if you are an HR person raising your eyebrow now just hear me out. It really is a thought process question, a behavioral question and it’s meant to gauge a couple of things.

  1. Quick Thinking – Uh Oh! Is it a trick question? Isn’t it? How should I respond, is he looking for a ‘real’ answer.
  2. Creativity – Are you original? Or just going with the crowd?
  3. Courageous – You will to take a risk with a real answer, make yourself vulnerable in an awkward situation?

What is your DREAM job??? No surprise, most people try answering with what they think I want to hear; “Uhmm, to be a regional manager at a stable company, like yourself”, “To be managing a business”, “To be working for a stable company”, “Umm, well, I really wanted to be a musician, but that’s not reality”….Garbage!! Who really dreams of being a manager at someone else’s business? It also demonstrates the ability to listen, a dream job may not be based in a current “reality” so use some imagination.

So what would be my dream job? That’s easy……”Give me warp speed Scotty!”

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