Garbage in, Garbage out….Mastering Diet Part 1

You’ve probably learned the classic facts about water and the human body in grade school science class. First that the human body is about 70% water and that if you were to remove all the H20 from your body what would be left is about 7-8lbs of chemicals. Next, that the body can only go a few days without water, water flushes out toxins, etc, etc.

But did you know that lung function alone can use up to a pint of water a day? Did you know that heartburn, stomach ache, headaches, sticky mouth, low blood pressure, lower back pain and depression are all signs of dehydration? That most people are in a consistent, mild state of dehydration?

It’s no mystery that most people don’t drink enough water. Just go to a restaurant with some friends and watch them or even look around the room. People will drink everything but the water and the reasons why are no surprise. Water quality is usually a big culprit. In general, restaurant water tastes really bad and tap water even worse! However, if you spend any time living in the desert it will quickly punctuate the fact that the human body can dry up very quickly. To quote a line from the movie  Dune, “Water is life”. At the very least you need to be hydrated to be at your best.

Most fitness experts agree that if you are drinking more water, you’re probably drinking less of other things with excess calories. If you’re drinking more water before meals, you’ll probably eat less per meal. Here are a few more specifics to consider;

  1.  Start the morning with 8oz of ice cold water – Cold water gets absorbed faster than warm and kick starts the metabolism.
  2. Drink a glass before meals – You will be less likely to scarf food down
  3. Substitute H20 for everything while dining – Sodas are sugar crack, iced tea has caffeine and will only dehydrate you further and you can still have a glass of wine after dinner.
  4. Get a water bottle – And use it! Carry it with you where ever you go.
  5. Be mindful of insatiable thirst, like vampire movie type of thirst – If you can never seem to drink enough or wake up every morning like that, it could be a sign of a pre-diabetic condition. Go get your blood glucose checked asap.
To your good health and maximized energy

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