Garbage In, Garbage Out…Mastering diet Part 2

Most people don’t think about having a game plan for eating throughout the day until they get hungry and then of course it’s too late. It doesn’t have to be complicated either, just some changes to your mindset; Where are you going to be throughout the day? What’s the work schedule? Are you going to be eating out? Are you going to be traveling, etc?

Here are four simple rules to build a daily eating plan around;

  1. Eat a good breakfast: That’s not coffee and cigarettes! The research continues to show the power of starting the day off with a balanced breakfast for energy, concentration and helping you avoid the office junk food when you get that late morning pain. So stop whining about not having enough time in the morning and get up a half hour earlier to make a good breakfast.
  2. Pack your own food: Healthy snacks, a balanced lunch, etc. Get yourself one of those mini coolers or something that you can keep food cold and take with you. If you keep the right stuff near by and you eat it, you’ll be less likely to get hungry and again….reach for the office junk or head for the drive through.
  3. Eat small meals throughout the day: Talk to any fitness trainer, dietician or athlete and they will tell you the same thing. Smaller meals, more often and don’t think that you are doing yourself a favor by not eating them. You will suddenly find yourself super hungry and then eating more than your body really needs. You can eat smaller meals on the go; a snack in the car, in the office between meetings, instead of that cigarette on your break. It should be about six small meals throughout the entire day.
  4. Bring water: As mentioned before, be sure to pack the ice-cold H20 where ever you go.

Just remember, no one ever said that this would be easy, changing habits can be extremely difficult and usually takes about 45 days of daily repetition. The choice is yours but is it such a high price to pay to look and feel healthier? To have more energy throughout the day and be in a better mood? To be able to do more and not just live longer but live at your peak longer?

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