In today’s blog, Seth Godin talks about the current struggles with developing the culture of trust that many organizations are facing and the impact it is having on society. We’ve seen many foundations of trust rocked in recent years from business to religion and most recently in college sports. Many organizations are falling back on “founding values” or some other mantra to try to drive the point home that they are trustworthy. The problem is that these mantra’s are being drilled down as a process or system to drive people, which from the Black Belt Business perspective is backwards. Process, systems, value statements don’t drive people, its people that drive the process, the morays and the norms. People beginning with one person at a time, creating trustworthiness within their own circle…starting in the mirror.

To quote Dr. Stephen Covey on trustworthiness, “There are two components; Competence and Character.” Competence refers to the skills, experience and training to be effective at your profession with a low margin of error and high levels of follow through or execution. Character refers to confidence without arrogance, sincerity and loyalty amongst those that show the same. Do you follow through on the commitments you make? Do you speak with sincerity?

Many organizations have fallen in recent years, not because of poor foundations or guiding principles or even product quality. They fell because there were people moved into positions of leadership that lacked either competence or character to develop the culture to drive those foundations.

Seth’s Blog: Trustiness.

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