When you make your product, your organization or your own professional philosophy solely about price;

  • That will be all it is ever about, price…to your customers, to your competitors and to your partners who rely on your business to sustain theirs.
  • You will devalue the product across the entire market, the assumption then becomes; “that is all it’s worth.”
  • You will be able to buy market share with it, then those same customers will revolt when you are forced to charge the real market price to survive.

See Seth Godin’s blog for more

Seth’s Blog: The tyranny of low price.

One thought on “Seth’s Blog: The tyranny of low price

  1. Bryan, This is helpful and also very timely as I am embarking on a new journey–next step: research my competition. I was thinking LOWEST PRICE…you’ve prompted me to re-think.
    Thanks and Happy Father’s Day!!! 🙂


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