Mainstream media loves to focus on the high profile figures but there are so many other, often better, stories of sustained excellence that remain unsung. Take for example the story of Jack Taylor. You’ve probably never even heard of him but he is the founder and former CEO of the largest mobility company in the world, known to most as Enterprise Rent A Car.

Jack came from humble beginnings as well, served on the only surviving original aircraft carrier of WWII, the USS Enterprise as a fighter/bomber pilot. And yes, that is where the name, Enterprise Rent A Car came from. He started the company in the basement of a Cadillac dealership in 1957, with just a $10,000 loan from GM. Today Enterprise holdings owns over 1 million vehicles world wide and generates well in excess of $12 Billion/year. There are more retired multi-millionaires from Enterprise than perhaps most of the companies in the mentioned MSN article combined.

Jack ran his company with a few simple principles, that I carry with me to this day;

“Take great care of your employees, take great care of your customers & long term profitability will follow.”

“I never intended for us to be the biggest company, simply the best.”

-Jack Taylor

Jack not only exemplifies living the American Dream and sustained excellence, he is a symbol of courage and sacrifice that helped make this country great. No offense to “P Diddy”….

10 CEOs living the American dream – executive compensation – MSN Money.

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