Or any other for that matter takes time and patience with consistent and proper practice.

“At the beginning everyone has difficulty handling the large sword with one hand because of the weight. It is the same thing in  any form of new beginning. For a beginner, drawing a bow is difficult at first and handling a spear is also hard. Whatever the weapon, the important thing is to get used to it.”

-Kenji Tokitsu, Miyamoto Musashi; His Life and Writings.

According to research, it takes 30-45 days of daily focus and repetition to incorporate a new habit. Mastery of a skill takes much longer. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers he defines his “10,000 hour rule” stating that it requires roughly 10,000 hours of consistent practice to master a new set of skills.

One thought on “Learning new business skills?

  1. Another great reminder, thanks Bryan! 10,000 hours, i agree; but being the technologically challenged being, i think it is going to take me 20,000 for my WP blog! …and i’m OK with that because it is the challenge that makes it worthwhile. 🙂


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