Should always do three things…

Tell a story

Set a mood

Show a design

With today’s world of social media, digital marketing and information overload, there is more content out there than ever and it’s harder to get people’s attention than ever. It’s not just the novice either, but the sales and marketing ‘experts’ as well that often lose sight about the psychology of human communication.

We all communicate with the outside world through the five senses..Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste and Smell. We’ll leave the “6th Sense” for an episode of Ghost Whisperer. Sight, Sound and Touch tend to dominate in human communication and most people are often most dominant in one of those senses, much like being left or right handed.

Each person is tuned into those three senses differently, therefore the only way to have universal appeal is to communicate to all three senses.

  • VISUAL – Does your photo show a design? Do the colors or contrast in black & white photos catch the eye?
  • AUDITORY – Is there a story being told? Can the viewer “hear” those 1000 words?
  • KINESTHETIC – Does the photo set a mood? Inspire? Create an emotion?

Photographs can be a powerful part of your sales, marketing, social media and personal branding efforts if they have mass appeal.

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