Have you ever noticed how many people say that they have had their best ideas in the shower or some other morning ritual? Interestingly, I find that to be the case for myself as well but it just seems like such an odd place for inspiration. Don’t you think?

So 2012 comes to a close with a thought question…

When and/or where do you have your best ideas or inspirations? 

…and yes, comments are appreciated. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration in morning ritual?

  1. Ideas come to me most often & most vividly during a run…a time and place in which I can get in a mental zone like no other; the 2nd most common time is unfortunately when I’m cramming at the last minute to make a deadline on a project…I’m suddenly flooded with fantastic ideas which I don’t always have the luxury of time & resources to carry out at that point.


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