Imagine a business environment where you need only dictate an email near your laptop then say ‘send’ and it’s on it’s way to all the names you’ve already recited. Or you are the road warrior in your car, you speak directions and the navigation system actually understands you. Phone calls come in over the car speakers and you say, “mute radio” then “answer call” and you are connected to the caller. No more pounding away at tiny key boards on your smart phone because voice to text actually understands you. What if you need to translate that text or instant message directly into Mandarin Chinese?

Well we’re not quite there yet, but it’s coming. Auto makers, computer/tech as well as cell phone companies are all jockeying   to get real, working voice recognition software in place. So far, no one has really gotten it right…clunky, inaccurate and lacking versatility but each year it gets a little better. Ultimately, the company that gets it right first will earn the keys to the market place kingdom. After voice recognition software really takes off in those industries life will become like a Jetsons cartoon; Smart houses, smart appliances and just about anything with an on/off switch will be voice activated.

By the end of the decade we may all be saying, “A key board, how quaint.”

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