The Zen of mass mediocrity…

An excellent post by Seth Godin! So many express frustration by the masses that embrace mediocrity, to carry the extra weight of those not doing their part. But the “Yin and Yang” of it is that through that mass of mediocrity, we recognize what is excellence. One defines the other and therefore in order to recognize what is excellence, we must also define what is mediocre.

The truth is that life and business is much like the movie, The Matrix. Most people are not ready to be “unplugged”, they fear the real world of excellence and what is required.

Have you been unplugged?

Are you willing to pay the price daily for a path of excellence?

The secret is to begin in the mirror, the masses will sort themselves out. Like magnets, excellence attracts excellence.

Seth’s Blog: Most people, most of the time (the perfect crowd fallacy).


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