It’s pretty amazing to think about how digital age continues to bring about quantum shifts in how business is conducted. Not only has so much changed in kind, but in scale and in a continually shortening order. Seemingly overnight, market places have become a global landscape. Also, consider a few of today’s digital basics that were still deemed almost laughable less than a decade ago;

  •  Having your own web page as an absolute must
  • Internet sales departments taking precedence over the brick and mortar sales teams
  • Companies creating a new position called, “Social Media/Marketing Manager”.
  • Facebook as a business tool
  • Recruiting new talent via social media like LinkedIn, etc.

And that really just scratches the surface! Consider all the new buzz words that have emerged in just the last couple years; Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, Pay-per-click, etc. Most of these are already being over used, misused and/or bundled with a larger topic.

That larger topic is evolving into an actual science; a Web Intelligence Science that will, in the future, harness all of these digital age components into a new field of study for marketing. And there is evidence that the future is indeed already here. Take a look at the link below, it’s a course currently offered by the University of California at Irvine and it’s called…Web Intelligence;

Web Intelligence.

Granted, this course focuses mainly on analytics and data mining but the implications are huge. Today’s pilot course can quickly become tomorrows field of study and marketing degree. If the last two decades have done nothing else, they have shown that it pays to not underestimate Economic Evolution.

Here is a simple illustration of what this Web Intelligence Science may look like and what the future is bringing.

Web Intelligence Science 101

Click on the link above to download the animated slide.

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