In his post, George Anders of “FORBES Magazine” suggests that Empathy will be the #1 job skill by 2020. I suggest that it is number one today, in 2013.

Walk around any airport terminal, most people are head down, buried in their smart phone, iPad, laptop or automated check-in terminal. In business meetings, executives have to be threatened, coerced and reminded to disconnect from their digital masters.

In the ever evolving digital age, the ability to smile, shake hands, make eye contact and communicate sincerity, face to face, is becoming a lost art and an increasingly valuable skill.

The Number One Job Skill in 2020 | LinkedIn.

“People have asked me how I am able to close deals that others couldn’t or cultivate teams that were able to beat the odds. The answer is simple, I genuinely want my business partners and teams to be successful and thrive. I try to communicate that sincerity in everything I say and do.”

-Bryan Nann


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