You wouldn’t trust your health to a doctor who was not up to date on current medical practices…
You wouldn’t trust your money to an accountant who was not up to date on the current tax laws…
You wouldn’t trust your life to an airline pilot who was not current on how to fly a jet plane…

Yet history repeats itself and so many professionals today get caught in believing that the skills that brought them to where they are today are sufficient to even maintain status quo tomorrow. Back in the 80’s, IBM had to send many of their “MBA Executives” back to school because they lacked the basic reading and writing skills to compete with communication demands of the times. In the early 90’s, there were many professionals that felt personal computers were just a fad and there was no need to learn about spreadsheets, power points, etc. Now today, executives scoff at the Web Intelligence Science landscape yet look at this article from the Wall Street Journal Online.

Bottom line? Maintaining professional excellence is not a ladder one climbs to the top and sits down to enjoy the view. Sustaining excellence is a cyclical process, that must be revisited regularly.

“You must study this in great detail.” 

The Book of Five Rings by, Miyamoto Musashi

Bosses Learn Not to Be So #Clueless –

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