Recently I went to see the film, The Theory of Everything, the docudrama about the life of Stephen Hawking. Granted, every biographical drama that makes it to the big screen has its fair share of literary license so you have to take ‘the facts’ with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, it was not only an enjoyable film but I walked away with yet another contemporary example of sustained excellence and a heightened sense of what the ENMEI Formula really means.

No discount to the professor’s immense scientific contributions, but I suggest that Dr. Hawking’s greatest gift to humanity is not science but his example of iron will. The desire to press on, to remain curious and ask questions about the universe, where others would not have been able to continue.


When Hawking was diagnosed with ALS, he was given roughly two years to live. Today, he is still questioning the nature of the universe well into his 70’s. Some may call it luck, still others may cite divine intervention, all are tough to prove. It’s also possible that even in our advanced digital age we still greatly underestimate the power of the human mind and it’s ability to overcome through sheer will.

What remains as fact is that humanity continues to gain great insights about the physical world around us, compliments of the mind of Stephen Hawking. He serves as yet another example of the ENMEI Formula, that sustaining excellence does not begin nor end with external influences but with the conversations we have with ourself.

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