For the last six years I’ve been studying, in depth, people of significant contribution throughout history. From Marcus Aurelius to Miyamoto Musashi, to Theodore Roosevelt, to Steve Jobs and there are some distinct common denominators in their character. Regardless of their time, place, circumstances, upbringing or resources they all share a set of traits and behaviors that allowed them to find and sustain excellence despite sometimes major and/or chronic obstacles.

Recently, someone brought up this quote below and it was a great reminder that one of those key common traits of sustained excellence was the ability to navigate and overcome adversity. In a challenging economic, social and political time, there is no greater skill that can be applied to every endeavor of life than the ability to navigate and overcome adversity.

“Adversity hits us all, how we hit back is what defines us.”


Below is a brief but insightful assessment tool from the Harvard Business Review Blog that you can use to get a quick snapshot on resilience. Keep in mind that it’s nothing more than a snapshot of a moment in time. Resilience is a choice that you make everyday, that you have total control over and is ultimately defined by you and not by a snapshot. Keep hitting back!!



Assessment: How Resilient Are You? – HBR.

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