At the heart of the Five Circles Formula for sustaining excellence is the historical, “Book of Five Rings”, by Miyamoto Musashi. Like many classics, however, the book can be awkward to read & digest, particularly for those unfamiliar with samurai traditions, sword fencing or the martial arts in general.

So here are three contemporary books that do a great job at outlining specific components of the ENMEI formula but are easier to read and a little more in line with today’s society.

“Wooden ON LEADERSHIP”, by John Wooden & Steve Jamison


This book outlines the power of fundamentals and the role that revisiting the basics plays in not only skills mastery but in all areas of excellence.

“The 8th Habit, From Effectiveness To Greatness”,

by Stephen R Covey


This book clearly defines the role that choice plays in developing mental excellence. The idea that, “Leaders are not born nor are they made. Leadership is a choice that anyone can make at any time.”

“The Bully Pulpit”, by Doris Kearns Goodwin


This Pulitzer Prize winning book tells a fantastic historical tale of how concepts such as character and purpose can drive team and ultimately organizational excellence. It also demonstrates how that organizational and team excellence grows from individual excellence, in this case it’s through people like Theodore Roosevelt and Ida Tarbell. It also punctuates the scope of impact that this process can have, far beyond companies or organizations but with nations and societies as well. One or two people with a shared vision on conviction really can and do make a significant difference.

All three of these books are well worth the read and have something in them for everyone. Enjoy…

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