Most people will remember Steve Jobs for his creativity and for giving the
world things like The iPod, The iPhone, The iPad and of course The Apple
Macintosh. For many, Jobs has already gone into the history books as one of
the great entrepreneurs and innovators of the 20th & 21st century.

Less known is the fact that among those who worked for him the opinion was
more more polarized. Many people did not like working for him, some have
even claimed that they hated working for him. At one point he was so
disliked by his own company that he was fired in in early 30’s as the
leader of the organization that he founded. Why?

In the war of excellence vs. mediocrity, there is no middle ground…
are either on one side or the other and ‘good’ truly is the enemy of
‘great’. It was very clear what side of the fence Steve Jobs was on and for
those on the side of mediocrity, it was probably not pretty. By definition,
mediocrity means someone wants to stay in the safe, quiet, middle area and
not be pushed to do more than they thought themselves capable of doing.
Mediocrity means that good is good enough…but good would have not changed
the world for ever with products that Apple is now known for producing.

 Where do you stand?

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