One of the core themes behind the writings of Miyamoto Musashi and what he refers to as Strategy, is the idea that;

“Before you can manage and lead others, you must be able to manage and lead yourself.”


In a Business Insider post, forwarded by Inc. Magazine, columnist Skye Gould created an info graphic with several great specifics on this self-management principle. The article focuses on broadening your mental horizons but the habits mentioned have far greater implications in terms of overall well-being and the capacity for leadership. Some are perhaps a bit of a stretch but there are a few that are at the heart of the Five Rings of Sustaining Excellence;

  1. Diet, rest, exercise and stress release as a means to increase mental alertness(as reflected in numbers; 22, 23 & 24)
  2. Engage in creative, “right brain” activities (Musashi talks directly about “studying the arts” in his Nine Rules)
  3. Study other professions, engage in activities outside of your comfort zone – engaging new people, new ideas, new fears can expand your horizons and create new opportunities.

Check out the link below for more

Can changing up your daily routine actually enhance your intelligence?

Source: 24 Daily Habits That Will Boost Your Intelligence

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