At the risk of sounding very cliché, the human body is a lot like a high performance engine. In order to run at peak efficiency, high performance engines require the right mix of fuels and quality maintenance. They also don’t do well when they sit for too long. So too is the human body and mind.


Sustaining excellence in your professional or personal life often requires massive amounts of physical, mental and even emotional energy. Maintaining those energy levels requires treating your body/mind like that high performance engine with the right formulas of:

  • DIET
  • REST

Like that high performance engine, the human body/mind does not like to sit for too long. Yes, meditation is sitting but I’m talking about sitting in front of desk, PC, TV, or any of a host of stresses and distractions that are a part of 21st Century life. Sedentary life styles are simply a growing reality of the digital age.

Solution? Get Action! Get out of that desk and move during those 10 minute breaks. Evidence, like the WSJ post below, is mounting about the power of even a brief workout.

How the right combination of brief workouts could be as beneficial as a straight hour lifting weights or riding a bike.

Source: Why a Few Minutes of Exercise Can Show Results – WSJ

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