Recently Business Insider published a post on the value of being an early riser from the perspective of two former Navy Seals (see below). Back in 2011, I had published a similar post as part of the Circle of Physical Excellence strategy (see also below). The idea of “early to bed, early to rise” is not new, in fact the idea goes farther back than that famous phrase written by Benjamin Franklin in the 18th Century.

Additionally, there are many common denominators of excellence, across many fields and professions though out human history. The Habits of Highly Effective People are far more extensive than the Seven that the late Stephen Covey wrote about. Studying, adopting and revisiting these habits are the key to sustaining excellence. Why Be An Early Riser? – Bryan Nann

Former Navy SEALs Jocko Wilink and Leif Babin tell you how to change your morning routine and “get up and get after it.”

Source: Former Navy SEAL commanders explain why they still wake up before dawn every day — and why you should, too

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