ENMEI-21 is a strategy for sustaining excellence in an ever complicated world. Its “Five Rings” are metaphors of the cyclical components of this strategy and their impact on everything we do as humans. 

The “Ring of Physical Excellence” is about your personal well-being, health and longevity as well as having the energy to meet the demands of professional life. Current science and medicine is producing more evidence than ever before that these four things help sustain physical excellence;

  • DIET
  • REST

In his book, “The Case Against Sugar”, Gary Taubes makes the argument that there has been a secret killer of physical excellence in our midst for almost two centuries. He suggests that modern disease, the sky rocketing of health care costs and the dominance of the pharmaceutical industry can all be traced back to….Sugar. His evidence is compelling, it’s worth reading.


Source: Goodreads | The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

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