Bryan N Nann

For over 25 years Bryan Nann has been an entrepreneur, business leader, teacher, coach and scholar in the dynamics of sustained excellence and principles of self-mastery. From Executive leadership to health, fitness, sports, the martial arts and academic community, Bryan has had the extreme fortune to work with and coach many top professionals across a wide range of fields.

As an entrepreneur…

At age nineteen, while putting himself through college, Bryan founded and launched several start up companies involving self-defense, health and fitness. Together with business partner Mark Cox, he developed Exotic Weapons International, a company to import and manufacture custom/hard to find martial arts equipment. Many of the equipment prototypes remain in use today and have been adopted by companies like Century Martial Arts Supply Inc. At the same time, he founded two schools for self-defense in the West and Southeast as well as pilot programs with the LAUSD, LAPD and California Lutheran University.

As an executive…

Bryan’s experience spans over eighteen years in corporate roles within retail, B2B and B2C environments. With Fortune 500 companies like Enterprise Holdings Inc. and Hertz Global Holdings, he’s developed leadership models across organizations both public and private. Further, he’s held key roles in developing he refers to as the, “Elemental MBA”. This curriculum for business leaders focuses on mastery of practical & transferable business fundamentals in the core areas of P&L maximization, Customer Experience, Sales, Marketing and Employee Development. Additionally, Bryan has developed productivity improvement solutions across a diverse range of industries including Public Transit, Safety & Security, Real Estate/Property Management and others. He continues to consult both the automotive and self-defense/fitness industries on principles of the Elemental MBA.

Donating a Hertz van to the Jewish Community Center of Tucson, 2011.

As a scholar…

With a BA in Critical Reasoning, specialization in Eastern Thought and minor in Business Administration, Bryan has been researching the topic of sustained excellence from both the Western and Eastern perspective since 2009. Prior to that, he taught martial science for more than a decade and was certified as a Master Instructor. Additionally, he spent his last year of college studies teaching at the California Lutheran University. Together with  guidance from Dr. Kirkland Gable and Professor William Bersley, they developed course curriculum for studying the Philosophy of the Martial Arts and its application in the modern age. In addition Bryan remains an avid, amateur combat historian.

Mark and GM Johnson
L-R: Bryan N Nann, Grand Master Pat Johnson, Mark Cox


As a martial artist…

As a student of martial arts and sciences for over 30 years, Bryan holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do as well as a black belt in Jujitsu. Currently he studies Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun in the Tempe, AZ area. He has had the extreme fortune to study with Martial Arts Hall of Famers including Dennis Ichikawa, Mike Stone, Pat Johnson, George Kirby, Tadashi Yamashita and currently Grand Master Garrett Gee. For more information and recommendations see:

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  1. I have something that belongs to Brian Nann. Please contact me if this is the same Brian that taught Tang so do in simi valley around 1990


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