4 must-have job skills in 2013 – Ruth Mantell’s On the Job – MarketWatch

This article from Ruth Mantell at MarketWatch is very useful because it illustrates several points about the circular model of sustained excellence;

  • “Job skills in 2013” – Your development, both professional and personal should be a cyclical process that is constantly revisited. Mind sets and tool sets that were relevant last year, may not be so next year.
  • Communication – Falls into the cycle of mental development. Like the sun, at the center of the solar system, creating the energy and gravity that keeps the planets going; Your mind has the same impact on your body and your skills which in turn feed or starve your team and your organization. It all begins in the mirror…
  • Productivity Improvement – Falls in the cycle of skills development. It’s not just mastering current skills or new skills in your comfort zone either. Exploring new skills outside of your comfort zone can have a transformational effect on your productivity. Do you try new things?
  • Personal Branding – Can be a new skill set but also falls in the cycle of “team excellence”. How well can you get people to rally around you? Your story? It can open new doors as indicated in the article or raise you to a new level of leadership.
  • Flexibility – Begins in the cycle of mental development but it’s one of those intangibles that’s interwoven throughout. Like gravity, you know that something exists and it holds the solar system together, but it’s difficult to put your finger on it.

Check out Ruth’s article for more:

4 must-have job skills in 2013 – Ruth Mantell’s On the Job – MarketWatch.

“Most people are only one new skill away from doubling their income.”

-Brian Tracy

There was a time when…

Skeptics believed that…

  • The automobile would never replace the horse and buggy.
  • The sound barrier would never be broken
  • That music video would never catch on
  • That the personal computer would never do anything other than play games
  • That the cell phone would never be small, practical and affordable for the masses
  • That the internet wouldn’t create a global economy

And today, there are people and businesses that truly believe that digital marketing and social media really have not changed the way people communicate and the future of business. 

Guess they’ll get left behind too…That which does not adapt and evolve, eventually becomes extinct.

Those were probably the same people who told me that a guy my size couldn’t break 10 bricks with my hand.

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Here are some good habits for developing better self-control and mastery of communication. It’s not just good business, it’s good people skills.

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