Our Internal Sleep Clocks Are Out of Sync – WSJ

Excellence of any kind requires energy and lots of it. Maintaining peak energy levels however can be a difficult proposition in today’s fast paced environment. There are several components that work in symbiosis and many people ignore, deny or simply write off this relationship as a luxury that they cannot afford in their fast paced schedule.

The irony of this can related in the analogy of “sharpen the saw”, made popular by the late Dr. Stephen Covey;

“A woodsman walks upon another woodsman that has been sawing for hours on the same tree, making little progress. The observer asks, ‘how long have you ¬†been sawing?’. The man exhausted from sawing replies, ‘hours and I don’t seem to be getting anywhere’. The observer again asks, ‘why don’t you stop for a moment and sharpen your saw?’ The toiling woodsman replies, ‘too busy sawing to stop’.


Science and medical research of the last few decades, however, continue to provide significant evidence that this symbiosis is valid and that sustained physical vitality, longevity and energy are a balance of;

  • Balanced Diet
  • Regular Exercise
  • Proper Rest
  • Stress Management
  • Social Connection

Below is a recent Wall Street Journal article and how the internal clock and proper rest plays a role in well being.


Our Internal Sleep Clocks Are Out of Sync – WSJ.